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The wolf of wall street

Running a small business is not easy. Every stage of the business must be executed with utmost caution – from the inception of your business idea to making the sale.

In the huge business arena we have nowadays, marketing and making sales are the common challenges faced by every new business organisation. Businesses have to convince resistant customers and bring them around without damaging the company’s reputation. In order to make sales and build customer loyalty, every business really has to find ways on how they can effectively market their product or service.

This may have been used for so many decades, but one-on-one interaction is still the most potent strategy to make sales despite the advancements in technology and the rise of social media. Here customers gain confidence about the product and are able to get hands-on experience without running the hassle of making it to the store or ordering the product online only to meet with disappointment post-purchase.

Apart from the traditional way of interacting, you can also make use of the internet. You can promote on micro blogging sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, with the help of a well-designed campaign. This lever up the sale and allows the product to become a household name. A proper and a thoughtful campaign can help to take the product to the target audience.

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Almost all business entities nowadays have their own business. Today, creating a business website is no longer for large corporations; small businesses also build their own website to increase their brand awareness and increase their exposure online.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having your own small business website is that you can easily be found by your customers on the internet. Nowadays, almost all of us use their computer and mobile devices to look for products and services they want to purchase. So if you got a website, your customers will go there to know more about what you are selling.

Through your business website, your clients will know more about your brand. People want to know more about the company they’re considering purchasing from. Having a professional-looking website conveys your credibility. If someone is considering buying product or service from you, they’ll want to know about you, your background, and your experience. A good business website should include an “About” page that provides this information as well as testimonials about your work.

A business website is a cheaper and much more flexible form of advertising compared to the traditional platforms we had such as in printed media, TV and radio.

Despite the many advantages we can get from building a website, many small business owners are still hesitant because they don’t know how. Fortunately, there are some articles that can help you with this challenge. One good article is from Business News Daily.

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If you have not considered location-based marketing yet, you should, and quickly. With over 60% of searches now conducted on GPS enabled mobile devices and a 128% increase in mobile based social networking, this has been one of the changes in marketing that is upon us. In other words, location-based marketing is a kind of digital marketing that is expected to have an even greater impact on businesses than the advent of search and social media themselves.

Location-based marketing is the implementation of marketing campaign with the elements of social media, mobile local technology working in unison. All these elements create an immersive user experience that takes customers’ location preferences and social networking activity into account. Location-based marketing goes beyond basic mobile optimisation of websites or business focused Facebook pages – it is highly customised for the specific user and helps him or her make an informed decision.

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There are also other phone applications that rely on Global Positioning Satellites or GPS that have made it possible for businesses to communicate with their local customers online. Gone are the days when everyone kept a phonebook and a hefty copy of the Yellowpages directories, most of us today look for services and businesses online. When customers look for a certain product or service from their local area, Google will give them relevant results which are of course based on their particular location.

Who uses location-based marketing? Read this to find out:

Perth Business News

Every Australian individual needs to have a good personal tax planning, or the process of looking into different options so one can determine when, how, or whether to conduct personal transactions that in effect will reduce taxes, if not totally eliminate them.

A taxpayer normally has an option and power to complete a taxable deal by more than one method. Looking for ways to look for ways to lower your taxes is fine because it is not going against the constitution; in fact the law backs up individuals who choose one method that subjects the person to less tax. You can even avoid them if you want.

However, you should never get the idea that tax evasion is fine and legal. Remember that the word avoidance has a completely different meaning with the word evasion. To avoid paying taxes, you come up with legal and sensible ways on how to cut down the total amount you have to pay. To evade though, is to reduce the amount by concealing some details deceitfully.

Reducing your taxes is a great strategy to save money. However you need to have the knowledge on how to do it as it is very important. According to an article published by Stefanie O’Connell at Huffington Post, Millennials or people from early twenties to mid thirties should be mindful of how their ever-shifting circumstances influence their tax obligation.

Here are five common tax mistakes made by millennial to watch out for:

Business entrepreneurs are always looking out for new ways to market their products and services. Today, many are using Instagram to share their photos and short video clips instead of publishing them on Facebook and other social media portals. That is why Instagram marketing is becoming more and more popular to businesses of all sizes.

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The Showpo Team

Instagram is a quirky way that enables its users to share their lives through a series of photos and share them by applying digital filters on various social media websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr. Instagram is an image-based social network and is one of the fastest growing social networking sites these days with over 100 million active users worldwide and generating 400 million images per day. Pretty impressive numbers!

Truly, Instagram provides countless possibilities for brand marketing. With the right marketing tactics, you can promote your business in the right direction, create brand awareness and gain high number of followers through Instagram.

According to an article published by Christine Long at, Jane Lu believes that Facebook marketing is dead and when it comes to building a business, Instagram is now the best option to use. Jane Lu is the chief of Showpo, an online fashion and dress shop.

You can read the full article here: