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WA to join child sex abuse redress scheme

Posted by Richard Foster. Comments Off on WA to join child sex abuse redress scheme.

Sexual abuse can happen to any particular culture or socioeconomic stratum. In the last couple of decades, many women have stepped up to reveal this dark and haunting secret. The result has been that countless numbers of other women who have had the same or similar experiences have stood up. They have been motivated to start the healing process, the first step of which is to release the feelings of shame, guilt, and defect that come with keeping their problems on child sex abuse.

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Child sex abuse is one of the most devastating acts and has been recognised on an appreciable scale worldwide. This crime has a very complicated negative effect on the development, physical, mental and social well being. And the worse concern is that children are vulnerable and sensitive to such accidents so it is extremely important for parents and caretakers to look for signs of sexual abuse to their children.

The consequences of sexual abuse are devastating. A victim of child sexual abuse might suffer from/develop a low self esteem, dissociative thoughts. Moreover, they may also feel abstinence from romantic and sexual relationships, abnormal fears and phobias.

Sexual child abuse victims are often suffering from behavioural disorders like an introverted or overly arrogant personality, unhealthy personal and social life or in rare cases, an acrid feeling of revenge towards the abuse offender.

When the victim grows up, he or she may have problem trusting people in general and troubles mixing with the other sex on a sexual level. There may be also other psychological disorders such as depression, part amnesia. For some victims, they feel a feeling of grudge and hatred towards a particular gender, profession or clergy to which the abuser might have belonged.

Child sex abuse is a serious matter that every community should keep an eye on. Now, WA joins child sex abuse redress scheme. For more on this story, read here:–spt.html